The digital datalogger-app from seioTec GmbH

Live data monitoring and long-term data archiving – the basis for any digital production. With the seioTec datalogger-app, you can store and track your machine’s parameters at intervals of up to milliseconds. The special feature? Analyze your process real-time stamped data live, zoom into time segments and evaluate millions of data points in seconds. You can’t?! You can! Our algorithm shows you the data without averaging or smoothing the data. You can find more detailed information in our product sheet or just give us a call!

Datenlogger software Darstellung

Process real-time stamped

The datalogger-app is connected directly to the machine, so a transmission rate of up to one millisecond is possible. Here, the respective control system is the bottleneck. Compared to MES-systems, the process-relevant data is stored with real-time stamps, this enables the foundation for resilient AI. Training and testing data for algorithms is currently the biggest hurdle in AI-research. With the datalogger-app, you have the necessary data and are a huge step ahead of the competition.

Datenlogger mit individueller Darstellung

Customizable dashboard

Live graphs allow you to monitor their parameters and quickly detect deviations. Go back in time individually or zoom into very small time segments.
Display the parameters that are important in your process, whether temperature, number of pieces, voltage or others. Individualize your axes and colors for each parameter.

Zoom in time segments

Here, as an example, 45 minutes of production have been zoomed in to understand slight changes in temperature. But it doesn’t matter if you display seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months: The algorithm shows you the data in seconds without smoothing the data. This saves you long loading times and you can see immediately where the deviation comes from!

Exportfunktion der Parameterdaten aus dem Datenlogger

Export … for AI?

Once the deviation is detected, you can analyze your data in the applications you know. It was important to us to offer you the possibility to train and test Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on your past process-relevant machine data in the future. This way you can benefit from AI immediately!

Must have!

Currently, it may look like this:
In the case of scrap, machine downtime or quality problems, everything is immediately set in motion to see what the problem is. The machine data is gathered from various databases and displayed in an elaborate manner. In stressful situations, this not only costs nerves, but also precious time.
With the datalogger-app, all data is bundled in one place and you can see right away which parameters deviate before a lot of scrap is produced.

What does the data logger cost? What does it run on? How do I connect the app?

All these questions can be found in our product sheet, which we will send to you free of charge by email.