Our versatile MaintApp for your maintenance strategy

Prevent breakdowns of your machines, schedule the work of your technicians and make time-consuming workflows obsolete with the MaintApp.

Implement maintenance strategies correctly with the MaintApp

MaintApp Instandhaltungsaufzeichnung

Recording of necessary actions

With the MaintApp, we give you the opportunity to record all actions performed or yet to be performed in the form of images, texts or voice messages.

Planungstool in der MaintApp für Instandhaltungsstrategien

Plan your workflow

To help you plan your work in the best possible way, our app includes a prioritization tool that alerts you to upcoming maintenance tasks and shows you what’s due next.

KANBAN System zur Aufgabenverteilung - Instandhaltungsstrategien

User Management

With our User Management System it is possible to assign tasks to specific persons. These are informed and can filter by assigned tasks.

Logbuch zur Aufgabenverteilung

Log system and groupings

Our log system records all performed actions and changes and can even serve as a blog. Customizable groupings of assets allow for more efficient task distribution and searching.

Also check out the datalogger-app and contact us if you need more information!
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